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DIRT was created by a group of career biologists who work with wildlife and have a deep passion for learning and educating.

Prior to DIRT’s inception, our officers founded Bio Logical LLC, a for-profit business that provides wildlife and botanical consultation services for the desert southwest. Through their professional experience, outreach with the local community, and conversations with industry stakeholders, they recognized shortcomings in the way we care for the environment and its inhabitants (or, they came to the conclusion that more needed to be done to protect the environment and its inhabitants). These deficiencies weren’t intentional, but rather stemmed from a lack of time, creativity, and resources. Not only did our founders want to reimagine our environmental responsibilities, but they wanted to do so in a way that fosters connections between education and the construction industry that spearheads all projects in the desert landscape. And thus, DIRT was born and became the foundation for environmental innovation and community connections in the desert southwest.


At DIRT, we take an active role in our community, attending meetings and events at the local Chambers, the Associated General Contractors (AGC), the Desert Tortoise Council, and more. Our founders wanted DIRT to be well-rounded and function as the link between education and the construction industry. If we can decrease uncertainty about what it means to love learning about biology and how to channel that energy into a career, we have achieved one of our goals. If we can foster greater communication between teachers and industry professionals, we have achieved another one of our goals. Read more about our extensive mission to reimagine the crossroads of wildlife education and the construction industry here.

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We want to start a ripple within our network that both better prepares STEM students for careers in the industry and brings together the numerous moving parts of our industry.

Everyone is impacted by education, STEM disciplines, and land development/infrastructure projects. Ultimately, we plan to change, and raise the industry standards for creating access to career opportunities and tangible resources that support the literal infrastructure of our daily lives.

At DIRT, we are passionate about creating opportunities and collaborating with both industry professionals and motivated students. If you are an industry professional who would like to propose a partnership or habitat restoration project, contact us here. If you are a student, teacher, or professor with a research proposal or capstone project, contact us here.
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