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Dirt Is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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About us

DIRT was created by a group of career biologists who work with wildlife and have a deep passion for learning and educating.

The officers of DIRT have been operating a for-profit business called “Bio-Logical LLC” (based out of Boulder City, NV) that provides wildlife and botanical consultation services for the southwest. Through our development, we have engaged with so many various non-profits and community outreach events, and have had discussions with leaders and members of all of the adjacent industries that surround us. For some time, we have been formulating DIRT on paper to tackle the major issues that we see every day in our professional and personal lives.

We are presently members of local Chambers, we attend city meetings and have strong relationships already established within our region. We pride ourselves in taking an active role in our local on-goings and have developed a network of supporters who have been encouraging us to take the official leap into further developing our dreams. We will be working with very strongly established international and local organizations, who make a concerted effort to dedicate a portion of their business to giving back and developing socio-economics within the areas that they work.

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We want to start a ripple within our network of how to approach infrastructure, socioeconomics and STEM education. The goal is to create a new standard across the board for our professional world and be the leading example of how to bring together the numerous moving parts of our industry. DIRT will keep evolving as more innovators in the industry collaborate and develop their own contributions.

Everyone is impacted by education, STEM disciplines and land development or infrastructure projects. Ultimately, we plan to change, and raise the industry standards for creating access to career opportunities and tangible resources that support the literal infrastructure of our daily lives.

DIRT is combining practical application of skills that span various STEM industries and allows visibility to seemingly unobtainable career opportunities. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between trades and collegiate careers while making an immediate impact on community and education.
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