STEM Education
DIRT is combining practical application that spans various STEM industries and allows visibility to often invisible or seemingly unobtainable career opportunities while making an immediate impact on community and education.

Most people don’t know that these types of jobs exist, in fact, they don’t even know the beautiful Mojave Desert we call home is teaming with so much life. We cannot stress how many times we hear “There’s actually tortoises out there?” from people in our own city. Furthermore, there is a lack of resources and support for injured wildlife that have to be moved from project sites to seek medical attention.

We wanted to combine our needs with efforts of creating opportunities that will expand beyond our immediate industry, with education and research as the mode of operation.

2 desert tortoises seeking shelter from the sun on a manmade structure
bulldozer in American southwest desert that may endanger wildlife
Everyone is impacted by education, STEM disciplines and land development or infrastructure projects. Ultimately, we plan to change, and raise the industry standards for creating access to career opportunities and tangible resources that support the literal infrastructure of our daily lives.

We ultimately want to start a ripple within our network of how to approach infrastructure, socioeconomics and STEM education. These three components should work together practically, and not post-hoc as we often see in both education and the professional world. Our center will be the first of its kind and we plan to implement this concept in other cities with their unique needs.

We want to create a new standard across the board for our professional world and be the leading example of how to approach
bringing together the numerous moving parts of our daily lives. This project will reach its ultimate potential and will continue to impact
and evolve as more innovators in the industry collaborate and develop their own contributions.
STEM Topics

STEM and other Educational Platforms


Conceived of and created by Hank Green, SciShow launched in 2012 as part of YouTube Original Channel Initiative. It’s since grown to launch three other channels: SciShow Space, SciShow Psych, and SciShow Kids.


Radio Lab

Investigating a strange world.



Veritasium is a channel of science and engineering videos featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science.


Videos that feed the curious and illuminate the amazing.


Alfred P Sloan Foundation

Founded in 1934 by industrialist Alfred P. Sloan Jr., the Foundation is a not-for-profit grantmaking institution that supports high quality, impartial scientific research; fosters a robust, diverse scientific workforce; strengthens public understanding and engagement with science; and promotes the health of the institutions of scientific endeavor.


National Science Teacher Association

Dedicated to improving science instruction and increasing public awareness of science education.