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Dirt Is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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Our Goals

We at DIRT believe in the fact that strong foundations makes better building, and that is something which will be achieved with innovative education. We plan to change and raise the industry standards for creating access to career opportunities and tangible resources that support the literal infrastructure of our daily lives. Our center will be the first of its kind and we plan to implement this concept in other cities with their unique needs.

We have some major focuses, which are as follows:

  • Educational displays that focuse on bringing STEM and development together.
  • Giving valuable insight to youth to explore more potential career opportunities.
  • Showing the worth of becoming wildlife biologist or engineer for a mining firm.
  • Bring education to local veterinarians on how to handle possible emergency calls regarding desert wildlife.
  • Focusing on creating partnerships with leaders of the solar, utility and development industries that hold our city together.
  • Want to expand immediate industry, with education and research as a mode of operation.
  • Will work with strong establishment of international and local organization along with development of socio-economics within the working areas.
Desert Innocation, Research and Technology (DIRT) Biology, Research and Innovation, Career Training, Community Outreach Events

DIRT is working to create a headquarter location that will serve as a wildlife rehabilitation and community education center. It will also be a venue for infrastructure industry meetings, training and public notice hearings for development projects.

The wildlife rehab center will partner with veterinary students to provide a real-life training for clinics and will be a free venue for
schools and the community featuring STEM exhibits and energy efficient architectural features.

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