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National Resources

Nevada Department Of Wildlife

ECOS Environmental Conservation Online System

Bureau of Reclamation

Regional Links

Arizonia-Sonorian Desert Museum

The Desert Museum is a fusion experience: zoo, botanical garden, art gallery & classes, natural history museum, and aquarium

The Living Desert

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a nonprofit, accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, ensuring the highest standards of all aspects of animal care, education, conservation, public service, and operations.

Coyote and Thunder

Home of the California Field Atlas and the work of Obi Kaufmann

Hardshell Labs

Hardshell Labs has field-proven, humane solutions to mitigate against avian damage including: predation on endangered species, health hazards involving landfill,  waste management and dairy operations; as well as protection of high value agricultural crops.


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The Tortoise Group

Tortoise Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that educates and advocates for the protection and well-being of the desert tortoise.

Desert Tortoise Council

The mission of the Desert Tortoise Council is to assure the perpetual survival of viable populations of desert tortoises throughout their historical ranges.

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Desert Research Institute

The Desert Research Institute (DRI) is a recognized world leader in investigating the effects of natural and human-induced environmental change and advancing technologies aimed at assessing a changing planet.

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The Springs Preserve

Sustainability is at the core of the Springs Preserve’s mission. The entire campus is a living example of sustainable living, design and architecture.

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Clark County Museum

The Clark County Museum is a function of Clark County Parks and Recreation, which is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies. The museum is a 30-acre site that features a modern exhibit hall with a timeline exhibit about southern Nevada from pre-historic to modern times and a collection of restored historic buildings that depict daily life from different decades in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson and Goldfield.

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Discovery Children's Museum

The mission of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is to foster a welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive environment where all are invited to engage in playful and educational experiences that ignite a lifelong love of learning.

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Mojave Max

Mojave Max is a threatened Desert Tortoise—the fun, passionate mascot of the Mojave Desert ecosystem. He wants everyone to learn how to keep it safe—how to Respect it, Protect it and Enjoy it.

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Las Vegas Natural History Museum

From the desert to the ocean, from Nevada to Africa, from prehistoric times to the present, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum takes young and old alike on a learning adventure around the world.

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Gilcrease Orchard

The Gilcrease Farm was established in 1920 by Leonard and Elda Gilcrease. Their sons, Ted and Bill each continued the family tradition. During the 1970s Ted established the Gilcrease Orchard that has become a popular “pick and pay” site for a variety of produce. Bill created the Nature Sanctuary to provide a home for displaced exotic birds.

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Preservation Association of Clark County

The Preservation Association of Clark County is a non-profit, all volunteer organization formed in 1974 to promote the preservation of historic buildings and structures in Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County.

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Vegas PBS

Vegas PBS uses television and other technologies to educate and empower individuals and to extend and amplify the effectiveness of community organizations.

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Nevada Archeological Association

Encouraging public interest, education, and involvement in archaeological and historical preservation

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Nevada Native Plant Society (NNPS)

The Nevada Native Plant Society (NNPS) is a non-profit corporation organized solely for educational, scientific and charitable purposes for the stimulation of interest in and the developing of an appreciation for native Nevada plants and their preservation.

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State of Nevada Department of Education

Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science (NVACSS)

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Nevada STEM Coalition

The Nevada STEM Coalition is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2006 by Gathering Genius, Inc., whose mission is to promote leadership and collaboration among business, community, education, and government stakeholders to develop nationally recognized science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for ALL Nevada students that leads to a robust Nevada economy.

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Travel Nevada

Visit Nevada for the golden-hour ghost towns, intriguing attractions and far-out art; stay for the cafe classics, sagebrush saloons, and surprising scenery. Nevada offers let’s-see-what-happens adventure everywhere you look, and touring NV is the best way to explore it. Find your own Nevada adventure.

Travel Nevada Home Page

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Dig This

Dig This provides exceptional experiences that help people forget their lives for a brief moment and regain their sense of confidence, accomplishment and adventure.

DIRT is working to create a headquarter location that will serve as a wildlife rehabilitation and community education center, as well as
a venue for infrastructure industry meetings, trainings and public notice hearings for development projects.

The wildlife rehab center will partner with veterinary students to provide a real-life training for clinics, and will be a free venue for
schools and the community featuring STEM exhibits and energy efficient architectural features.

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